Posted by: TonnaMunz | January 7, 2013

Grind on the mind!

Been grinding pretty full force since the start of the year! Its been exactly 1 week and I have played a touch over 62 hours. Very happy with the volume, although not sure how satiable it is hehe. I did manage to even go skateboarding on 2 of the days.  I think i will try to play 40 hours a week at the very least, but 50+ would be ideal. 🙂




  1. Nice work ehtic, thumpsup! how many Hands alrd.?
    jsut checked my HEM , im at 37 hours for the but but only 5 sessions so far^^

  2. 😀 thanks! nice work also :). um almost 32k i never really play more then 10-11 tables hehe gets too crazy for me

  3. 30k hands…34 hours (smirk) (happy)

    • hehe nice one Jesse, but my graph is going up not down 😛


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