Posted by: TonnaMunz | February 1, 2013

January Results


Pretty happy with how things went in Jan. Would have liked to play a little bit more, but I did get a lot of things done IRL, so I’m a happy chappy :). Check out the new vLog #3 and graf below.


vLog #3



  1. lmao misclick ezgame

  2. haha i really love your videos tonna! like your blog ill be following.. later

  3. I think you are a good looking man. I love Australian men. If you come to England, can we have coffee (and possibly more) ? You can stack me any time you want.

  4. What’s your VPIP and PFR, honey? And when are you cumming over to England to cuddle up with me?

    • hehe sure thing 😉 pics or bs tho :). errmm around 18/15 prob more like 15/13 if i filter for 7-9 players

  5. Hey honey, how do you get yourself to 15/13? Raising lots in late position? Also do you raise small pairs early on? Don’t worry up my pair, they are big.

  6. Another thing hon, you think nitfar3 is a nit? Doesn’t he run the same as you?

    • haha Mr Nitfar 12/9 like a true nit 🙂

  7. 🙂

  8. Well sexy, you still are not telling me if you will be cumming over?

    • Sure! I’ll be there in 20min 🙂

  9. I want you to stack me with your pair of aces. Will you go all-in? But be warned, I am a tight aggressive girl, so you are in for a wilder ride than if I were loose and passive. If you do lose your chips, I expect you to reload and go all-in again. OK honey?

    • tight is right, id love to go all-in 😉

  10. You are making me horny

    • hehe cool :), you should take some pictures with tonnamunz written on your chest 🙂

  11. Forget the pictures and my chest. I will sit on your chest… naked.


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