Posted by: TonnaMunz | February 17, 2013

You can’t win em all

This month has been going great in terms of volume and results, I am definitely running very well. This hand happened the other day was a bit of a hoot. 😀

“Y0ur right, I d0n’t hev spades…”.

*** SHOW DOWN ***
TonnaMunz: shows [5h 5c] (four of a kind, Fives)
angelarcho: shows [Ad Ac] (four of a kind, Aces)
angelarcho collected $147.94 from pot



  1. Fold preflop and save munzes!

    • 😀 i think folding river is most EV +

  2. I like your quads. You can pump me, using your quads to power the pumping.


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