Posted by: TonnaMunz | March 20, 2013

Can I haz Jigabytes?

SO! Been having a lot of trouble with my internetz lately, been getting dropouts and disconnecting waaaay too much. It was starting to get very expensive and costing me far too much expected value. I organized to have my main line fixed but bought this mobile baby for the mean time, NOW we can grind without teh d/c FEAR  🙂 🙂


PokerStars – $1 NL – Holdem – 9 players

mantas79 (MP+1): $80.94
TonnaMunz (CO): $102.50
AOtheBoss (BTN): $108.67
butcheN18 (SB): $94.50
aXXLa (BB): $44.16
LeXuSSS201 (UTG): $40.00
koenraad42 (UTG+1): $31.58
who_next421 (UTG+2): $100.64
Dirty Willy (MP): $134.78

butcheN18 posts SB $0.50, aXXLa posts BB $1.00

Dealt to TonnaMunz: Ac As

fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, AOtheBoss raises to $2.00, fold, aXXLa raises to $5.00, AOtheBoss raises to $10.00, aXXLa raises to $44.16, fold

aXXLa wins $20.50



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