Posted by: TonnaMunz | April 18, 2013

In Real Life

Managed to meet some of Toronto finest gamblers  for a nice dinner. Was great fun, always nice to meet poker players in real life and talk about who has caught the most VPP’s ;).

Pictured from left to right;
TheLife, cb4mvp, Woollyyy, TonnaMunz, OhCanada1987, Gutter23 and lydia12345.





  1. Nice pic buddy, good to put a few faces to the names. A few crushers out there..!!

  2. huhu oc. exactly how i thought u would look like. this picture did not dissapoint me 🙂

  3. Hey Nicole long time no talk! How is that chat ban working for you?

  4. really good, got more time to focus on my game and less distraction


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