Posted by: TonnaMunz | May 9, 2013



Ok so I’ve been kinda having a tough time since I’ve been back in Australia. Basically in my March vLog I mentioned that I have been having lots of problems with my internet, they are proving way harder to resolve then I ever thought possible. There are problems with the main lines connecting to the house and its kinda up in the air how long it will take to fix them (and I can’t just change providers b/c they all use these physical wires). Now I have been grinding with my wireless dongle, but that is really really unsustainable. I pretty much never have 100% connection and after every action there will be a tank lag of who knows how long. It’s pretty much gotten to the point where it’s just not worth the torture of trying to multitable.

SO WHAT CAN I DO???? :S hehe

Tomorrow I’m going to try grinding at the olde local Library and I think I have organized with a friend to temporary set up a monitor and such at his house after the weekend. BUT I feel really helplessly stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s such a ridiculous problem to not be able to get an acceptable internet connection in my own house… It’s 2013 FFS! haha. Pretty open to suggestions of other ways to fix the problem in the downtime, obviously leaving my house is very unideal but I can’t think of anything else :(.

Sorry to put such out such a negative post but I am really stressed out over this stupid problem. My computer/equipment not working tilts me harder then any suckout or sick runbad ever could. BUT Keep on truckin … 🙂
Also in the 20k hands I have played been running pretty sick good 😀 hehe




  1. ofc you’ve been runnin good! what’s new!!

  2. You can come and play with me, honey


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