Posted by: TonnaMunz | June 13, 2013


WOW! Ok so month has been going alright apart for some std run bad
( EV graf looks very funny 🙂 )


I hev some very exciting hours ahead, the stars 100 billionth hand will be hitting somewhat soon.  So once I bink that I’m pretty much immediately am going to the Financial Education Summit. Basically its a day of lectures from successful entrepreneurs, businessmen etc.  My motivational quote loving kind of crowd 😉


The headlining speaker is none other then the wonderful Arnold Schwarzenegger. So i cant wait!

I also need to try catch a little sleep before this all goes down but I’m not sure how that is going to workout 😀 hehe

– Tonna

to get hyyyyppeeddd 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

and ofc



  1. When do you think the milestone will go off?

  2. hopefully <15 hours from now, but i think it might be close

  3. You’ve got sexier pecs than Arnie, honey.


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