Posted by: TonnaMunz | August 18, 2013

#LivePro Trip Report


OK! SO I went to play live the last two nights at crown casino. Played 2/4 the whole time, prob played around 8 hours both nights combined. Was kinda fun but at the same time it does become very tilting and frustrating slow very quickly. It’s crazy to think this whole  other world exists where regs with very minimal skill can be beating the games.

Saw some interesting things go down that’s for sure, at one point I was playing  a table with pretty much all live regs and when I went to go to the bathroom I came back to see a bunch of others deiced to also take a break as i did..  😀 😀 jaja siq BUMHUNTERz 🙂 :). I also saw a few seat hops and one super siq angle shoot vs a fish. Even the dealers don’t really follow or care about the action as much as you would like, had to call them out once for not giving me change.

None the less was still fun and there were plenty whales about, didn’t really have that many spots over the 8 hours tbh, won a couple of big pots with KK and JJ. Had a little trouble adjusting to the way the game flows at first, was playing pretty tight and ABC for the most part. Did actually get to use my nitty image to make make a couple of  bluffs vs some of regs which was fun. (obv showed the blaffz, esp one where I check raised flop with like no equity 😀 ) Ended down about 200$ (but ill blame it on teh runbad ) but a nice experience, now some pics :).

Std live attire

section of poker room 🙂

chippz baby

sneaky shot of some action 😉

Feeling a bit more confident live going into the appt, but for now GG back to wounderz of online 🙂 .



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