Posted by: TonnaMunz | September 6, 2013


HAY! 🙂
So played day 1b of the APPT main event today, ended up busting a few minutes before ending play for the day, it was pretty std flip spot with AK. Was fun to play the events, but am starting to get over live and tournament poker for now hehe. I think I’ll put in a nice online cash session back in the hotel room tomorrow :D. I might play another event or two and probably some more live cash but I will see how I feel. Mr lifgrind is still alive for day 2 with some chips, you can follow him on pokernews with his real name Shaun Hughes.




  1. Bummer . only reason I paid for this vesiron was to be able to switch my days right on the app. Like, if I took vacation or made a trade. I don’t want to use Google calendars, I just wanted to be able to customize my 48/96 shift within the app. Guess I should have done more research.


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