Posted by: TonnaMunz | December 28, 2013

400k VPPs and PCA Freeroll


I did it 🙂 finished up my VPP chase for the year. December hasn’t been that amazing for me at the tables but there is still some time left and the games have been really good.  Now that I’ve finally finished my lovely points I have more time to really get things organized before I embark on my trip.

I’ve pretty much finished selling some of my PCA main action and would like to give something back to my followers. SO I’m going to do a 1% freeroll for you guys. (103$ value) All you have to do is retweet this tweet and you will be in the draw to win the 1%. I will give you up until I film my next video blog (likely to be Jan 1st Aussie time)  to enter as I will draw a random winner from the retweeters in the video. gl!

Going to be leaving on the 4th of January so I have a fair bit to sort out before then. For the end of the year I will make a special yearly video/post with all of the fun and results from 2013 so look forward to that 🙂 .




  1. congrats tonna!! happy for you!!
    wp in 13 and best of luck in 14, guess we’ll meet a few times in some spots 😉

    • These topics are so coisfunng but this helped me get the job done.


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