Posted by: TonnaMunz | January 9, 2014

Day 1b


Played my day 1 of the main today. Was pretty fun and a nice experience.

Been hanging a bit with my Spanish amigos. Fulling’s LueZas on the left 😉

Quite before the storm.

Lets do it.

Ran a little bit bad but think of it as more running borring. Got a lot of spots where i had to fold the few times i actually got playable hands. Lost a few pots early on and then went down from 30k to around 20k then won a few back up to 35k. Then went on to lose a few more to end the day at 22.7k.

Wrap it up, tag and bag em.

I’ve got just under 30 biggs starting day two ( half avg stack ) so not ideal but decently happy with my play. Let’s hope for some rungood tomorrow 🙂




  1. good luck in the tourney. ship it!


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