Posted by: TonnaMunz | January 15, 2014



So I’m writing this up in Miami airport as I’m waiting for my flight to off London. The PCA was so much fun, such a awesome experience. Lots has happened the last few days so I will start from the top.

So I played the 1k event, like I was planning. I ended up busting out again in around 90/300. It was kind of annoying because I was blown away at how soft the field and my table was. I was in a pretty good spot with a lot of chips but then lost in a few standard spots all in pre and it was GG for me.

So then I met up with my 2+2 buddies Mayox (Mayo the don) Woollyy and SmbSmbSmb, Oh yea and Liv Boeree was happy to see us all together she had to jump in on the pic too 😉

So took a few days to have some fun in the sun instead of thinking about poker.

View from the Royal Towers.

Standard Atlantis, exotic marine  animals and waterfalls everywhere you look.

Some pretty crazy slides in the water park but Lazy river def the highlight

Swim and play with the dolphins, weeee 🙂

More friendly faces in the halls 😉

Then it was time for the pokerstars party. They went pretty all out for it. Endless amounts of food, an open bar and fireworks 🙂

There were a ton of people there, but i manged to find a few random fish.

After the stars party we hit up the club for a bit of an afterparty. We met MTT crusher WrathOfRam when we were all randomly yelling in the bathroom. He couldn’t contain himself after calling Mayo a nit only to discover his 28vpip at FR. It was a very funny few minutes of yelling 😀

“Duce three sooted UTG BABY! That’s how we do!”

FrenchDawg and Woollyy

SirFreddy in the club! 🙂

500 zoom crusher AverageGreg coming to fishing you off LiftGrind

The night ended with some naked antics in the hottub with some big names but I don’t think I should post anything more about that on here 😉 . The past week has been a pretty unreal experience I think I will definitely try to come again next year.




  1. so amazing 😀 !!


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