Posted by: TonnaMunz | February 15, 2014


HEY! 🙂

I convinced smb, mayo and ishipkq to come over to Amsterdam with me for a few nights.

We jumped on a flight over from London and arrived in no time. It’s pretty crazy how a country can approach they laws so differently.

After we hit up our first Coffee shop on night one things began to get a bit hazy and blend together ;).

We met up with a fellow grinder from the Netherlands, dccnesquick.  He is one crazy mofo and definitely knows how to party. He showed us around to a few nightspots with some Dutch friends, within seconds there were shots everywhere and bartenders shooting fire and serving up vapour fumes.


Had a lot of fun in Amsterdam, it’s a really crazy and interesting city. Made it to Hamburg, Germany on the trains yesterday for some more fun soon.




  1. Jajajajaja in the bloggg

    • And dont forget all the bottles😃


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