Posted by: TonnaMunz | March 2, 2014

February results

HEY! 🙂

So i said my goodbyes to my lovable bigchiefds and Frankfurt and jumped on a train to visit and stay with some of my relatives in Stuttgart.  I have lots to tell about my plans and adventures in video from, but unfortunately I will have postpone it until have a good opportunity to make it. Traveling, couch surfing and sightseeing can sometimes make it difficult to find some time for yourself, but i will make it as soon as i can 🙂 . For now I will just have to post my results in text form…

so.. RESULTS!…

In Feb i playyed …

77,512 hands. Got 32,642 VPPs. Won 3,077.01$ from the tables. Lost in MTTs AGAIN!
For a GRAnd total of  4,515.24$


and BB’s

So reasonable happy with the month and how the year is shaping up. That’s all for now guys. Ship that Munz and more fun soon 🙂




  1. Seems like its not possible to make a “loss” in a month for you. That’s so nice. For you 😉 Keep playing!

    • hehe thanks friend, rakeback usually helps me out in the bad times 🙂


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