Posted by: TonnaMunz | March 8, 2014

Family and Stuttgart

Hey! 🙂

So I have been having lots of fun here in Stuttgart.

I met up with some of my distant relatives

And I had much funs staying with my German cousin.

I managed to see a lot of the sights in Germany in the nearby cities. Stuttgart.


Took a peak at the Porsche museum

Tonna Feat 380k euro car

Had a look in at the local casino too, there was some 2/4e running and it looked pretty soft, I didn’t get the chance to play but the poker chips in the casino were pretty funny, I watched a few hands of the tables running and it looked really soft 🙂

Had a look in Heidelberg too, really cool historical castle there.

Some fun in Pforzheim too, another nice lookout 🙂

Just got off the train to Prague and am going to the PokerStars VIP party tonight. I’m very excited to see what it will be like and to meet some more regs. More fun soon




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