Posted by: TonnaMunz | March 29, 2014

More Vienna

HEY! 🙂

So ended up staying in Vienna a bit longer then I had planned because I was really enjoying it there.

The whole EPT was held at a pretty insane place, the Hofburg palace. Can hardly capture enough of it in one photo but spot the stars logos 🙂



After the MTT the next few says I played a fair bit of live cash. Blinds 2/5 euro and I would buy in for 1k. It was kind of fun beacuse I’ve never really grinded live cash before apart from the odd session here and there. I felt like the game was pretty soft in the 30 or so hours I played of it, I think pretty some sick winrates and hourlies could be possible in games like these. I feel like I’m improved a lot at playing live and am really looking forward to grinding it hard in vegas this summer 🙂 .

Fellow grinder hizintak came over for some fun.


Had a nice day at Prater theme park with daleroxxu. Dale scared the piss out of these young girls in the “GeisterHaus” (haunted house) it was pretty sick 😀


Friend Pinocchyo also did very well in them MTT’s, he came 6th/455 in the 2.2k eureka high roller event for 37.7k euros, as well and cashing in the main event and some smaller events. 

And as if I wasn’t surrounded by enough very shinny MTT boxes…
Mr. RudiTurbo, ended up coming 2nd in the Sunday million!!!!!!

He binked his way to the 171k prize which is just so insane, I’m very happy for him. Maybe if we were still sharing accommodation when he hit I would of had a nice 10% swap 😀 hehe. Super sick! You can watch the reply of the final table here

I caught a train over to Paris yesterday and have been touristing out quite a bit. More fun soon.




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