Posted by: TonnaMunz | April 3, 2014


HEY! 🙂

I have been having lots of fun here in the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona. Most of my time has been spend skateboarding at all the famous places I dreamed of as a kid 😀 .

But today I met up with fellow grinder odineH from pokerstragety and did a little touristing out 🙂


Sagrada Familia 🙂



The fantastic Parc Guell


I’m going to flyback to the UK on Friday. Not going to lie, I’m getting hungry for the grind. This month I was my lowest volume ever since starting playing fulltime. BUT I have been in Spain, Italy and France (3/4 countries in the world where I can’t play on 😀 and! I have played a little bit live so I’m not going to feeling guilty just yet :). Despite the low volume March was still a nice success for me at the tables I will post the results and vlog when I find some time in the coming days. More fun soon.




  1. Remember, you grind so you can DO all this fantastic travelling! Great pictures, and good luck to you when you get back down to grinding!


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