Posted by: TonnaMunz | June 28, 2014

Welcome to VEGAS!

HEY! 🙂

Ok so, LiftGrind and I made our way out of Canada and over to the US of A to the delicious Las Vegas.

We successfully made it out to our house and met up with the rest of the gang.

Got the sick surprise of SmbSmbSmb and Mayo the don making it out early join the party, instead of their original plans of coming down later.

Obviously they rented a sick balla sky suite at the Aria for the first few nights, decent view right? In true balla fashion they didn’t even end up spending the night there and crashed out at our house instead. 😀

The crazy dutchman Dccnesquick was on a mission from the start.. he disappeared the first night for a solo grind. We found him the next day crashed out at like 8pm in smb and mayos suite with 8k profit from grinding 5/10 live 😀 . After his flights and the long session he was awake for 48 hours +.

A nice group photo of the household, Ohcanada1987, LiftGrind, Dccnesquick, Kreuznagel, Woollyyy, Mayo the don and SmbSmbSmb + a couple non poker friends 🙂

We went to check out the ‘O’ Cirque Du Soleil show. Was really awesome, I have so much respect for those acrobats, really amazing show definitely recommend checking it out. Unfortunately wasn’t allowed to get any real pictures.

Also went out for a drive to see the Red Rock canyon. Such a nice place, I had a really nice time climbing around there, might try do go back and do some proper trails. I’m really excited to see Grand Canyon now, cant wait.

SO yea! lots has been going down and still endless amounts of things to do… It’s going to be a fun 3 weeks 🙂 .

More fun soon.




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