Posted by: TonnaMunz | July 1, 2014

Vegas antics

HEY! 🙂

So lots has been happening! I can see why no one ever sleeps in this town this is endless amount of things to do. Been trying to experience as much as I can, we had our first big messy night out on the weekend. The Europeans dccnesquick and Kreuznagel and pretty much on the next level of partying hard. No chance you can keep up with them. Made a little clip to get a feel what its been like out here.

Limo ride on the way rhino 😉

Asleep at the switch


I haven’t played a ton of poker yet, a few 5/10 sessions that went well. I think I will play my first WSOP event today, the 1.5k Mix Max looking forward to that 🙂 . A bit too busy to make a proper vlog right now but as for online results I played about 60k hands for another 5 figure month after rakeback.

Having so much fun here, more soon.



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