Posted by: TonnaMunz | July 11, 2014

Vegas Life

Hey! 🙂

Really enjoying my time here in Vegas, it is such a crazy lifestyle. Just trying to experience as much as I can while I’m out here. The dynamics of the house is really fun too, we have a solid group.

Peter804 and R1aKi came out to join us in the fun.

Have been meeting up with some others that play the same games too, d7o1d1s0 came round for some fun in the pool before he went off to play the Main Event.

twoplustwo’s lovely galdoparah

gutter23 and the beautiful krissyb24 came out for a nice dinner with us at Cut by Wolfgang Puck. 🙂

Was pretty insane, definitely the most expensive meal I have ever ordered. I think the total bill for the group was around 2.5k 😀 .

A happy Smb after fading the credit card roulette for a large portion of the bill, unlucky dccnesquick had too pay.

The amount of sleep the house is getting as a whole has been pretty low. A defeated Kreuznagel 😀

I went to check out the twoplustwo party a few nights ago. Wasn’t too much going on there but was nice to talk to some of the guys I follow in poker media.

Agent Marco 🙂

and Mike from the twoplustwo pokercast

We have hit up a few sick clubs with bottle service, Although I haven’t taken many pictures of that… too busy trying to look cool in front of the nice girls haha 😉 .

Still here for a few more nights before heading over to LA for some more fun before I finally go back to Australia.





  1. Great pictures!!!


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