Posted by: TonnaMunz | July 14, 2014

More Vegas and Grand Canyon

Hey! 🙂

For some more fun out here in Vegas we went to check out Drais night club for one last big night. Was really crazy, we got a super sick bottle service table for a pretty ridiculously amount of money. It was probably the craziest club I have ever been too. There was literally real 1$ bills being shot out of the cannons over the dance floor. I got some joke videos of that but I will hold off on posting those right now.

Photo of the gang before the influx of girls wanting some drinks 🙂

Left to right
Peter804, R1aki, Kreuxnagel, Liftgrind, TonnaMunz, SmbSmbSmb, d7o1d1s0, dccnesquick
Mayo the don, woollyyy and galdoparah.

And I must not forget SmitDude with the lovely Liftgrind

Then next day lift, galdo and I mustered up enough strength to check out the Grand Canyon in a helicopter tour

Was a really cool experience, definitely recommend  doing it if you get the chance…

There she be 🙂

Then we all said goodbye to Vegas and our house and headed our separate ways.


A few of the UK boys and I drove over to LA ,where I’m now staying at the lovely Mondrian hotel. I’ll chill for a few days before finally back to Australia! 🙂

More fun soon.




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