Posted by: TonnaMunz | August 24, 2014

2p2 Moderator

Hey! 🙂

So things been going well this month, having some very big winning and losing days but overall things going great. Have still been playing a bunch and chasing those VPPS 🙂

In other news I became a moderator of the lovely Small Stakes Full Ring Forum on twoplustwo. So head over there for some hand histories and fun. 

More fun soon.



  1. Hi TonnaMunz, can you say how many VPP/Hand you make on 200NL and maybe also 100NL?

  2. for 200nl with 7-10 players i get .41 and with 3-6 players .57, i dont play 100 anymore so not sure the rates there, gl!

  3. thanks for the fast answer and gl @the tables


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