Posted by: TonnaMunz | September 14, 2014

Swings, Focus and Hart


Sorry for a little bit time passing without any posts, but honestly not that much has been happening. I’ve been really focused on getting out of the downswing that started last month. Finally today I managed to get out of it! 🙂 You can have a look at the grafs, stakes and sessions since the 22nd of August.

This is by far the biggest $$ swing I have ever encountered and probably one of the higher buyin and under EV stretches I have experienced too. I’m really happy with how I dealt with it and played the whole time for the most part. Last few big downswings it definitely got in my head and affected my game. But now I have so much confidence in my edge and abilities that this didn’t even really feel like too much of a thing.

I think there is a lot of edge to be gained in how you handle the super sickness you will encounter. Coming out of it so strong is such a nice feeling and am really looking forward to grinding hard and putting up sick months for the rest of the year . More fun soon. 🙂




  1. weeeeeeeeeeee

  2. #handledlikeaboss

  3. Good Jerb Tonna

  4. Could you please coach seiscero on how to put that sick volume every month? Your work ethic is simply outstanding, great job!

    • hehe, come to Australia i will give him some hart coaching


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