Posted by: TonnaMunz | September 21, 2014

More Swings, More Hart

Hey! 🙂

So things still been a bit swingy since I got unstuck from my large downswing. But I still can’t really complain too much as overall the month is still going well. Had a very eventful session yesterday, got super crushed and then had some sick rungood to turn it around. By a decent margin the biggest daily $ comeback graph I’ve created so far.

Had a pretty funny hand that helped me out when I was down in the hole 🙂

I hit the 400k VPP Milestone for the year this week too, almost have my lifetime million badge 🙂

Not too much else to report unfortunately, I’ve haven’t been up to that much apart from grinding hard and catching up with friends, it has been a bit less exciting then traveling the world hehe :D. Maybe I will get something new in the works. More fun soon




  1. Good Tonna. Go for 1mm VPP


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