Posted by: TonnaMunz | November 16, 2014

Goodbye Chiang Mai

Hey! 🙂

SO got up to quite a bit in Chiang Mai over the last week. Safety made it to Koh Samui today by plane. Our place here is truly ridiculous but more on that later.

We had a little two day trek into the jungle. I really enjoyed it out there, nice to get away from technology for a bit and experience the awesomeness of mother nature.

Got to chill out at a few cool river/waterfalls.

Lots of sick Tarzan vines lurking around the place.

Poor old Kreuznagel tired from too much hiking 😀

View from the little cabin we stayed in overnight.

Also went for a nice relaxing stroll with some new friends.

Went for a round of golf too at a really nice club. Was kinda funny to have a caddie each when we are all pretty terrible, well apart from D7o1d1s0 who is actually really good, he even got a birdie on a par 4 in the 9 holes we played.

Met up with a few other grinders living here. Including longtime online friend Priidix 🙂

c$shmoney87 came out for some fun too.

Sad to leave Chiang Mai but Koh Samui is looking like it’s going to be pretty insane over the next month. A lot of friends and grinders will be coming out to visit.

Unfortunately I’m struggling to get out of my downswing this month, might be putting up the first losing month since going full time :/. Still a fair bit of time left to go, so hopefully I can make some profits by the end of the month 🙂

More fun soon.




  1. Question for you Tonna,

    as a poker player, do you find it difficult to maintain a normal sleep schedule? or is it something that you don’t bother thinking about?

    it’s always been one of my biggest struggles

  2. Sorry to hear about your bad month, is it possible that all these distractions (thailand) is the cause of it?

  3. It sometimes can be tough to get into and keep good sleeping routines, but for the most part im pretty good at it, they are always a moving target so sometimes u can’t help but let it slip for a few days.

    Nah i dont think so, im pretty used to the traveling grind as i’ve been doing it for almost this whole year, I have just been running bad at my higher stakes, it’s not much of a big deal but would be nice not to have a losing month 😀 glgl


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