Posted by: TonnaMunz | December 3, 2014

Koh Phangan

Hey 🙂

So we have been having some fun over the last few days. Met up with a few grinders that are also traveling out here.

Group feat JVL_STARRR69, J0k3rF4c3_FD and their German buddies and zdravko + girlfriend

Some shisha with magorko and etny99

Headed over to the island Koh Phangan for a night. Some colourful beaches 🙂

Smb with a beer fueled bicycle kick

Went out for mayos birthday to a rave in the jungle. Was pretty cool, JVL gave mayo a few reps of squats and bench presses as a birthday gift.

The feds showed up and tried to shut down the party but after a bit of negotiating and probably some bribing it was all chill again.

JVL enjoying some nice corn on the taxi ride home

Back in Samui now, will post the monthly vlog later on today,

More fun soon.



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