Posted by: TonnaMunz | January 13, 2015

PCA 2015

Hey 🙂

So I’ve been a bit busy the last few days! I jumped on a flight from Australia to the Bahamas a few days ago, it was actually pretty intense, from door to door was around 32 hours of travel. But I finally made it to the PCA!

Reunited with all the boys and again and met a few new ones. FourSixFour was nice enough to let me room with him 🙂

Not a bad view from one of our rooms 🙂

Was feeling pretty groggy the first 2 days but I ended up playing a 2.2k event, immediately I remembered why I don’t like playing Live MTT’s and decided that was enough grinding for the trip 😀

Time for the other fun things the PCA has to offer 🙂

RayJing, Smb, Mayo the don, Me and FourSixFour

d7o1d1s0 and Aggro Santos are here with us too but they have been pretty busy grinding MTTs.

RayJing and Mayo ended up semi sweating the main both cashing in around 60th. Mayo had a nice little stint on the feature table that was fun. The mighty Danny Negreanu also there 🙂



Been meeting a few more online regs that I play against. The mysterious and infamous King10clubs, super nice guy 🙂


Got a few more days here to get up to some mischief.
More fun soon.



  1. WoW Man… nice travel!

  2. Grains that you got chest know they are not making love, motherfucker!


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