Posted by: TonnaMunz | January 19, 2015

Goodbye PCA, hello Mexico

Hey! 🙂

Had a nice time at the rest of the PCA, went to check out the final table of the main and had some fun with lovable wrathofram on the rail.

Chills at the pokerstars party.

Said goodbye to the lovely Bahamas and headed off to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico.

d7 amazed by smbs iphone game skills

Playa is actually pretty close to where we were in Nassu but it is a mess around to get from one to the other, one of our flights got delayed and then we missed our connecting flight and had to kick it in Miami for a night.

But finally we made it to Playa!

Just staying in hotels for now but moving into my sick beach side apartment tomorrow, really looking forward to that. The BPM festival is going on right now so it is pretty live. Things looking good 🙂
More fun soon.



  1. Amber best at games

    • *amber


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