Posted by: TonnaMunz | January 26, 2015

Playa Del Carmen

Hey! 🙂

Been kinda busy getting setup here but everything is just about sorted now. Our apartments are super nice and legitimately right on the beach.

Nice views from the top of the roof 🙂

The complex is pretty sweet, has a pool, gym and a few other things, also manged to sort out a chef and maid service which has been quite nice.

Been grinding a fair bit now that we are settling in, where the magic happens 😉


SNE chase is still going strong, I had a really big swing that was affecting my confidence a little but back on the right track now. Pretty happy with the VPP count considering how much has been going on.



That’s pretty much it, looking forward to life out here. Need to get better at my Espanol.

Más diversión pronto.



  1. Nice one Tonna, enjoy..!! I was in Playa a few months ago

    • thanks man! really liking it so far 🙂


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