Posted by: TonnaMunz | February 2, 2015

January Recap

Hey! 🙂

Check out the January Recap below

Graf in BB’s

The Playa gang

More Fun soon.


I’m a bit sad to have got rid of the results and celebration at the end of the vlogs, feels a bit anticlimactic now, will have to have a think of how I will format them going forward.



  1. Why did you got rid of them tho? IRS is chasing you ?:p

    • haha not exactly, but i think it is just in my best intrest

  2. Nice place.Can you tell me please how much do u pay here for this incredible apartment? 🙂

    • its not too much but it is kinda a lot for mexico ;), sry dont really want to say specifics

  3. lol smb slowmo sugar in coffee

  4. rate the use of the national there haha

    • yeaya!


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