Posted by: TonnaMunz | May 13, 2015



Managed to hit 400k VPPS yesterday 🙂

Sorry my updates have been kind of lacking recently, the truth is have been grinding really hard and having kind of a stressful time. I think I am experiencing what a lot of players like to call “burn out”. I have been steadily grinding out of a big downswing over the past 2 weeks and things are going ok. But I think honestly I have been pushing myself slightly too hard, playing so many hours is ok for me, I love to play so much, every day when I wake up I can’t wait to get grinding. But recently I have been making a lot of stupid mistakes, timing out with the nuts, not taking proper time to think before a big decisions and the stress has just been compacting upon itself. I think the main problem has been that I have been playing too many tables. Right now I’m still 100% confident I will make SNE, as of now I’m about 2 weeks ahead of pace. I think what I really need to do is just chill out a little bit, play less table and really think a bit longer for all my actions.

More fun soon.



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