Posted by: TonnaMunz | July 2, 2015

Cuba trip report

HEY! 🙂

So had one last night in Mexico before packing up and heading off to Cuba for a little holiday from grinding.

Welcome la Habana





Cuba is a really interesting country, it has a unique political history. There aren’t really many places like it it the world. I would recommend seeing for yourself if you ever have the chance. Probably the best way to explain it is like going back in time… All the cars are really old, there is no internet at all, if you go to the supermarket it is pretty much just the raw basics aside from a few companies that’s scrape in. ( RedBull 😀 ) The cuban people are pretty poverty stricken. The government pay for their education and medical needs, gives them (dilapidated) housing and a tiny amount of money for basic living. This system virtually keeps them imprisoned to Cuba.

There isn’t a whole lot for the people to do so they tend to hang out in the streets.


While (poorly) attempting to dance some salsa in the street, we met this couple that started to give us some tips. We started to talk with our new friends Anna and Jorge. Jorge could speak some basic English, decently better than I would expect. He told us about his life and what it is like living in Cuba. He’s lived in the same house with his family his whole life, the same house his grandmother died in and the same house his mother died in 😦 He works as a brick layer and does a lot of reading. He knew a bit about Australia and asked me some questions about my travels. It was pretty sad, he was saying how he would love to see some more of the world be will never be able to.


Went to check out some other things in the city, saw a traditional Cuban salsa dance show, it was good fun.

Headed across the coast to have a couple of days in the more touristy part of Cuba, Varadero. It was nice to relax there and not think about anything internet or poker related.

I had a really good experience in Cuba. Seeing how others are living their really puts in perspective how fortunate I am. Not just in the sense that I am a successful in what I do. But even to have been born in a first world country into a ‘normal’ loving family. It really makes you appreciate your life on another level.

I then flew (over the Bermuda triangle 😀 ) to London for a brief visit. Was nice to see some friends again, after couple of days on the couch I finally made it to my new home of Budapest Hungary. Settling into the apartment is going well nothing much to report as of yet. I will make the vLog for the past 2 months tomorrow.
More fun soon.



  1. really intresting stuff. Makes me realize how blessed we are to be born in a first world country

  2. where is the vloooog Mr Tony Muntz

  3. Still waiting for the vlog….

  4. where is vlog


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