Posted by: TonnaMunz | September 9, 2015

The outside world!

HEY! 🙂

Again apologies for the lacking content. But as I have been saying in every post recently i have been having a tough time at the tables :D.

Basically since making my downswing video things didn’t get any better. I just decided I need to take break and not think about poker for awhile…
So my and my buddy LiftGrind decided to travel around Europe for a few weeks. It was a bunch of fun, great to travel super light, away from the computer and pokerstars client, and experience more of the beautiful world around us. I made this video recapping some of the cool stuff we got up too. 🙂


Geirangerfjord, Norway.


With downswings and time off in mind, as much as i hate to say it this is officially where I throw in the towel on the Supernova Elite chase… 😥

I have around 550k vpps right now but I just haven’t been able to snap out of it and recover from my downswing. I’m regrouping at lower stakes until i feel as confident to beat higher as i once did. I think this is going to result with around 800k vpps for the year ( the idiot amount 😀 ) but it is what it is. I have still made a lot of money so far and there is still a bunch of time left. It’s not going to be the huge year I was hoping for but I’m not going to have to get a job at McDonald’s anytime soon either. This has been pretty hard for me to accept, I really hate to say I’m going to do something and not see it through but a step back is best thing for me . Right now I’m back in Mexico and I just want to focus on getting my mind, body and soul back in order and spend a bit less time grinding.

More fun soon. 🙂



  1. loved the film, and corny as it may sound, you’re richer than a whole lot of SNE’s imo with those experiences in the last year.

  2. also respect on the tree backflip, nearly broke my neck trying that a couple of years ago haha!

    • thanks mate, haha yeah i think you might be right 🙂 its all about finding the balance

  3. Tonna please update 🙂

  4. Hello,

    added in my blogroll, can u add my blog in yours?


  5. Updaatee!! 🙂

  6. Please write how are you doing? its 2016 soon whats your plan.

    -Huge fan

  7. Tonna please write a new blog post!

  8. backkkkkk tonna


  10. What happened?


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